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In 1952 my dad Garson opened the Garson Jewelry Company after working for another wholesaler. The business was built on calling on retail jewelers, shaking hands, and developing relationships. His goal was “to be respected by his customers” (which he achieved).

I joined him in the 1970’s, and we transitioned from selling finished jewelry to focusing on findings. The business name was changed to Rochester Findings, and eventually to just R Findings.

There were several findings companies selling the same products, so we specialized in better quality, product sourcing, and developing innovative findings.

I closed R Findings in 2019 and tried to retire. That lasted around two weeks when my wife handed me the to-do list. I reopened again as Rochester Findings, and I’m back to doing what I enjoy (mixed with playing pickleball as much as I can).

- Howard Merimsky

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